In this tutorial, you’ll discover how to take good pictures using 10 quick and easy techniques. Read on to start taking better iPhone photos right now!

First of all, you need to prepare a ready mood for your phone by adjusting somethings in setting. Learn iPhone Camera: Tips for better photos

  1. Turn off your flash: the flash is still just an LED light: It’s just not that powerful, and even with the TrueTone technology it can occasionally emit a strange hue onto your photographs.
  2. Turn on HDR auto: : This lets you snap photos that may have high contrast light sources and still capture a nice image without distorting either the light or the dark area of the picture. Your iPhone does this by snapping several pictures in quick succession at different exposures, then merging them together to create a unified image.

Now, start taking better iPhone photos.

1. Keep Your Photos Simple

You dont know how to star? Let start by keeping your pictures simple.

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New photographers often overcomplicate their photos. But the viewer will be distracted by too many details. A busy scene makes it hard to create a beautiful composition. If there is too much empty space in your photo, dont worry. It’s easier to create a strong composition and make your subject stand out when your picture only has one subject.

Before you take the photo, check the scene for any disturbing elements. Move closer, or change your viewpoint, to remove unwanted objects from your photo. Minimalist compositions are ideal for sharing on Instagram. Your photos will stand out easier on the small screen of a phone if you keep it simple. This is one of the easiest, yet most powerful iPhone photography tips you should learn at the beginning.

iPhone Photography Tips

2. Shoot From A Low Angle

The most convenient way of taking a picture is from chest height. But we have more creative options for taking great photos. Learning how to take a good photo involves thinking outside the box! Shooting from a lower angle is also one of the best ways to improve your photos. There are three great reasons to take pictures from a low angle.

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  • First, your photo will be more interesting. The world will be showed from a new viewpoint.
  • Second, shooting from a lower angle is perfect for removing unwanted distractions. Because, it shows your subject with nothing but sky in the background. It makes your subject stand out against the plain background. 
  • A third benefit is that you can show interesting details in the foreground when you shoot from low down. Try shooting from low down to include flowers in the foreground. Or catch ripples and reflections in water. For the ultimate low angle shot, try kneeling or even lying on the ground!
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3. Add depth to your photos

Photos without depth can be flat and uninspired. Creating depth helps draw the viewer’s eye into the scene. Specially, this is important in landscape photography.

There are lots of ways to create a feeling of depth in your shots. One of the easiest methods is to use leading lines when you take a photo. Think roads, train tracks, or rows of buildings leading into the distance. At the beach, use the water’s edge or ripples in the sand. Let the line leads from the foreground into the distance in your composition. This makes your photos more engage.

Image result for road shots photography

Another way to create depth is to find something interesting in the foreground, and you’ll automatically add depth to the rest of your shot. Look for rocks, flowers, leaves or other interesting objects. If you find hard to include foreground objects in your photo, shoot from a lower angle. Try to include subjects in the foreground, middleground and background. Your images more three-dimensional with this simple iPhone photography

A third way to create a sense of depth is to use something in the foreground to frame the scene. You could use archways, window frames or overhanging tree branches. Shooting through a frame draws the viewer’s eye through the frame to the scene beyond. This is a great way to create a stronger feeling of depth in your photo.

Image result for beach photo

4. Capture Close-Up Detail

One of the biggest photography mistakes is not getting close enough to the subject when photographing objects with complicated details,

Flowers, leaves, water droplets and other textured subjects look more lively up close.

Image result for close-up photography

Moving in close is also a good technique to use in portrait photography. Getting close lets you capture your subject’s facial features and emotions. This gives your portrait photos far more impact. Moreover, when photographing pets, it’s still perfect. However, keep in mind that your iPhone won’t be able to focus if the lens is too close to your subject.

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For landscape photography, you can still include close-up detail in the foreground. It might make all the difference and a stronger sense of depth to your photo when adding extra visual interest, for example.

5. Take Silhouette Photos

One of the best iPhone photo tips is to shoot silhouettes. A silhouette is the dark shape of an object taken against bright light. Silhouettes create stunning, dramatic and eye-catching images photos. So this might be one of the best iPhone photography tips that you learn today.

So how do you shoot an incredible silhouette photo with your iPhone? All you need is an interesting subject. Then shoot towards the light.

Silhouette photography works best during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. It’s easy to position the light behind your subject with the sun low. And you’ll get a beautiful colored sky as your background.

iPhone Photography Tips

Sunrise and sunset are perfect for taking silhouette photos. But you can create them wherever there’s a light source behind the subject. If you’re shooting indoors, place your subject in front of a window or lamp.

iPhone Photography Tips

Never under-estimate the power of composition in photography. If you’re wondering how to take good photos with iPhone, these are key skills to master.

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Becoming a better photographer doesn’t happen overnight, so be prepared to take lots of photos. Professional photographers take hundreds, even thousands of photos during the course of a single photoshoot. The more you take, the better the odds that you’ll come away with the shot you wanted.

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If you have a big passion on photography, but you are working in other industry or you dont have enough money to own a expensive camera, I hope this blog will help you more.