This slideshow app offers users two ways to optimize the music in the video. Users can use their music on iTunes/Apple Music or use music in the music library of the app. To add your music to the video, please follow these steps below:

Apple Music

  1. Download the song you want to add to your video on Apple Music to your iTunes library. (Open Apple Music app -> Find the song you want -> To add the song to your library, tap the add button  -> tap  to download the song to your library),
  2. Open Slideshow Maker app,
  3. Create Project,
  4. Tap Music button,
  5. Tap iTunes music,
  6. Select the song you want and add to your video.

Music Library

  • You do not need to download the song on the local music section. Click on the song you want and it will be added to your video.
  • With the song on the online music section, you have to download it first and then click on the song to add it to your video.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]