Learn how to restore your in-app purchases.

If you restored from a backup, or you deleted and reinstalled an app that you’ve made in-app purchases for, you might be able to restore the items you’ve previously paid for.

Some non-consumable in-app purchases like upgrades to pro versions, extra features in a game, and subscriptions can be restored if the app doesn’t recognize that you’ve bought these automatically.

Restore your in-app purchases

Some in-app purchases, such as game currency or hints, are consumable, which means that they run out as you use them. You can only restore non-consumable purchases. Learn about different types of in-app purchases.

To restore a non-consumable purchase, open the app that you made the purchase in and look for an option to restore. You might find it in one of these places:

  • The app’s main menu.
  • The app’s Settings or Options menus.
  • The app’s in-app store.

If you were charged for the purchase and still can’t restore us by email: [email protected] for support.

If you try to restore and nothing happens or you get an error

If you try to restore and nothing happens or you get an error, there are some steps you need to do:

1. Please make sure that you’re signed in with the same Apple ID you used to make the purchase.

2. Make sure you are connecting to a stable internet connection/ wifi when you try to restore purchase.

3. Check the restrictions on your device to make sure in-app purchases are allowed.

4. Restart your device.

If everything didn’t work, contact App Store Support.